I can not begin to thank you enough for handling the sale of my dental practice with such professionalism, honesty and compassion.  My experience with buying and selling a dental practice was very limited.  You took a process I was extremely apprehensive about undertaking and made it almost effortless.
Your level of service was commendable.  You were always right there when I had a question annd kept me informed of exactly what to expect at each step along the way.  I would recommend your services to any buyer or seller who wants to engage a broker who is completely honest and upfront with both buyer and seller.  Too often a broker may try to sway a potential client with unrealistic expectations in order to gain a listing.
You arranged this sale by not only looking at the practice statistics, but assessing the personality and style of practice of both myself and potential buyers.  This insured a transition that would proceed smoothly.  Thanks to you, the transaction was fair to both parties and everyone came away with exactly what they wanted.  I strongly recommend your services and will be forever grateful for your assistance.        
– Gary Sands, D.D.S.
I suspect that I am not that different from my colleagues.  I am beyond the traditional "retirement age", but still enjoy the practice of dentistry.  Although I have only been working 2-3 days per week for the past few years, I wanted more time off for extended vacations but to do so meant continuing to pay the office overhead with no one there to produce.  I had tried, unsuccessfully, on my own to work out a sale/work back agreement with another dentist in my building.  It was a frustrating process.
I had consulted Kurt Skarin a number of times in the past and he had always provided me with sound advice.  When I decided that it was time to make "the big move" and consider the sale of my practice, I called him again.  I reiterated my desire to have the option of continuing to work in the practice after the sale.  While Kurt counseled me that such an arrangement would make the sale more difficult and would result in a reduction in the purchase price, he also said that the sale is not just about the price, but the complete package.
Within the first month, Kurt presented me with a potential buyer whose needs mirrored my own.  He had a three day per week practice that he wanted to relocate and he was willing to have my continue in exactly the same capacity as I have for the past several years.  Throughout the ensuing month, I had innumerable questions and concerns, which Kurt very professionally addressed.
While the sale has just closed and the transition to being an "associate" has just begun, I am very happy with the results of Kurt's efforts and would recommend him highly to anyone thinking about selling their practice. 
– Richard Nalin, D.D.S.
I had a large, multi-million dollar per year practice in North San Diego Count.  With increased taxes coming next year and seeking a lifestype change, my wife and I made the decision to sell the practice and move out of state.  We contacted Kurt Skarin of Lee Skarin and Associates to discuss the sale.  Based upon our income and profitability, Kurt gave us valuable insight into what we could expect to get for our practice.
We received a full price offer within forty-six days of listing the practice for sale and that was when the real work began.  Due to the size of the transaction, there were some challenging financing issues to deal with and Kurt was always able to come up with creative solutions to the problems or negotiate a better arrangement for us.
Kurt assisted the buyer with obtaining his loan and handled all aspects of our sale in the most professional manner.  He saved us thousands of dollars in legal fees as he was able to handle all of the legal aspects that arose.  He prepared all of our documents and did everything possible to keep our transaction on track for a successful closing.
This was not my first practice sale with Kurt.  Some 25 years ago, he sold my first practice in Torrance in the same way - a full price offer with a very smooth, quick and efficient transaction.  I would definitely recommend that you contact Kurt Skarin of Lee Skarin and Associates to handle your dental practice sale. 
– Thomas Davies, D.D.S.
I selected Kurt Skarin as the person to help me sell my dental practice, because he was experienced, bright and appeared to care more about me getting what my practice was worth than he was about his commission or pleasing the loan officers at various banks.  He clearly was working in my best interest, and he came to the job with a wealth of experience, excellent judgment, and impeccable honesty.  His experience as both a broker and a lawyer were strong assets, as well.  Selling a practice is a complicated and difficult process, both emotionally and practically.  I found him to be supportive, easy to contact and possessing the information that was needed in the various situations that came up.  In short, I recommend Kurt with no hesitancy for anyone who is exploring the idea of selling or buying a dental practice.
– Richard Willis, D.D.S.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the exceptionally great job you did selling my dental practice. You have an incredible way of dealing professionally, fairly, equitably and calmly with all those involved. Your legal background and keen sense of underscoring the human elemnet makes you the best in the business! Your seasoned experience, unfettered personal attention and availability were invaluable, and gave me total confidence. My husband, Ahmed, joins me in thanking you for a seamless trasaction and job well done! You can count on our repeat business. My advice to dentists reading this testimonial is to stick to dentistry and let Kurt handle the complete transaction and respective transition - you will not find anyone more professional!
– Zainab Ali-Rubaie, D.D.S.
Kurt Skarin quickly found quality buyers for my practice, with a selling price that was fair and desirable. His professionalism, availability and knowledge throughout the process helped me beyond words. I recommend him highly!
– Robert Borden, DMD
I just wanted to thank you for all you did to make the sale of my dental practice an easy and effortless process for me. I was very impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and follow through. The fact that you sold a practice as large as mine in less than two months is commendable. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a broker to assist with buying or selling a dental practice.
– Dave Schinnerer, DDS
His experience and knowledge of the marketplace brought numerous pre-qualified and enthusiastic candidates for my review. Additionally, he continued to work throughout the entire sales process ensuring a positive outcome and relieving me of the mental and physical burden of the sales process. His hands on approach relieved me of having to deal with the complexities of this transaction while still always managing to keep me informed at every step. Lee Skarin and Associates was a consummate professional, yet personal enough to always be available. He was cooperative throughout the sale of my practice and I highly recommend Kurt Skarin to any prospective buyer or seller without reservation.
– Daniel Durchslag, Cannon Cosmetic Dental Group, Inc.
I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job of helping me to sell my practice. Mine was a situation that was far more complicated than most. You were amazingly straightforward and honest, and also were able to help me a lot of little details without getting my attorney overly involved. You never pressured me or exaggerated about what I could and should expect. I was especially impressed with your ability to deal calmly yet professionally with any and all complications that occured which were either of my own doing or of the buyer's. You were always able to come up with a solution that satisfied both the buyer and myself, and considering the scope of our deal, that says quite a bit. While it is true that I wish I had listened to many of your recommendations earlier on, you never made me feel as if I had made a mistake or foolish decision. I appreciate your patience and professionalism throughout this deal and the others you have helped me with in the past.
– Craig D. Gordon
I contacted several agents prior to listing my 33 year old dental practice with Kurt Skarin. The reason I selected him was that I was impressed with Mr. Skarin’s honesty and professionalism. I was amazed that my practice sold within one week of its listing. I appreciated Mr. Skarin’s ability to not only follow through on what he promised, but also the fact that he was always available when I had the need to communicate with him. All aspects of the sale were expertly handled by Mr. Skarin.
– David Meirovitz, D.D.S
I met Kurt Skarin about 10 years ago when he appraised my dental practice for financial reasons. I was impressed by his rapid assessment of my situation as well as his highly professional and discreet attitude. I did not forget this impression when it came time for me to retire and sell my practice. Kurt was true to form when he immediately and efficiently organized information to present my practice for sale. He located a buyer within two weeks and the sale was closed two months later. Throughout the process, he was organized and knowledgeable. His legal expertise and many years of experience in this field made him an invaluable resource in answering my frequent and varied questions.
Selling one’s practice after thirty years is not any easy proposition, practically or emotionally. Kurt was there with the information, direction and answers. He is competent, “common sense” professional and I highly recommend him if you are considering selling your practice or have financial issues affecting your practice”
– John Burk, D.M.D
I want to thank you for the very excellent services you provided me in connection with the sale of my dental practice. I had interviewed a few of the practice sale companies and what made me choose you included several things: the fact that you are an attorney was a definite plus; you always kept your appointments; you did not use your cell phone when you met with me; and you followed through with every aspect of the transaction. Your knowledge and help towards the office lease was invaluable as was all of the legal help you gave us.
Thanks for all of your help. I had sold a previous dental practice in Oxnard and had a very bad experience with that broker. It was wonderful working with you. I not only recommend you, but should I decide to buy or sell another practice, I will definitely be calling you.
– Flora Stay, D.D.S
As a first time practice buyer, I was anticipating a very difficult and frustrating experience. However, thanks to you, I was pleasantly surprised. Your consistent professionalism and extensive knowledge helped me tremendously. When I compare my experience to that of my colleagues, I feel very fortunate. I would definitely keep you in mind for all of my practice broker needs.
– Peter Suh, D.D.S
Lee Skarin and Associates made my practice purchase transaction very easy. Kurt was always available and his knowledge and expertise were outstanding. I highly recommend Lee Skarin and Associates.
– Todd Ehrler, D.D.S